In My Kitchen September 2015

I cannot believe that September is here already, summer flew by in a blink.  I am not ready for it to be any where near over and I am certainly not ready for winter, it gets pretty harsh here.

We took a trip to Niagara Falls for a week and that was fun, though the drive was long.

Evie and I are in Newfoundland for a wedding until September 14th, she is a bridesmaid.  I will post more on that after the wedding.  In addition to the wedding preparations we will be picking blueberries and hopefully doing a little bit of baking with them.

Here is a little bit of what has been in our kitchen since our last IMK post.

We went to a Ukrainian festival where we had an excellent Pierogi lunch.  We bought some paczki filled with a prune puree and they were very fresh and delicious.  Evie stuffed herself on both the pierogi and packzi.

IMG_4313 IMG_4319

This Nordic Birch water is Evie’s new favourite drink, she loves it!


We made a pizza this is a favourite, we will have to post the dough recipe soon.

It is basically a Margherita with green olives.


We tried this Strawberry Basil and Jalapeño Lemonade, though it sounds weird it was actually really good


On our trip to Niagara we went to St. Jacob’s and stopped into a local bakery, Evie got a little peach pie.


at the market we got some jam made by Mennonite ladies.  There is a large population of Mennonites in the St. Jacob’s area.  The local hardware store has a separate parking section for the horse and buggies.


We also stopped into a British store where Evie found her favourite marmalade


Her dad got the ginger chocolate.  We also had Cadbury Flake bars that we devoured as soon as we got in the car.


I got these Empire biscuits and as you can see I couldn’t wait to take a picture


Evie also got these pickled onion Montser Munch.  They didn’t have any single bags, due to costs and problems with customs, only this large bag with 6 bags inside.  The shopkeeper was so nice he gave her this supply.  He told her to space them out, but now she would have some.


Some fresh Niagara peaches


wild blueberries from the farmer’s market


And our lovely friend Karam, who you may remember from way back in this post where she made mug brownies with Evie, just got back from a trip to Scotland and brought Evie back this cute tin of shortbread biscuits.  It is extra special because it has a highland cow on it, which Karam has taught her is actually called a “Heilan Coo”.  She says that ALOT!


As alway thank you to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly IMK posts, they are always fun.  Don’t forget if you want to participate you must post and let Celia know before the 10th.


Peaches and Cream Muffins

I think peach season is probably over in most areas by now, although you can still get them at the grocery store.  We had a basket of peaches that had a few left in the fridge almost past their prime.  When you have over ripe fruit make muffins!

I was pressed for time since the peaches were spoiling fast and it was a week night.  I found a recipe that was short and seemed fairly quick to whip up.

This recipe is adapted from a Taste of Home recipe, I had to change it a little because the batter seemed really dry.  These turned out really good.  I got 12 regular-smallish sized muffins out of the recipe.


In a small bowl mix:

1 egg;  1/2 cup sour cream; 1/4 cup milk; and 1/4 vegetable oil


In another, larger, bowl mix:

1 &1/2 cups all purpose flour; 1/2 cup sugar; 2tsp baking powder; 1/2 tsp salt

Stir wet ingredients into the dry ingredients just until moistened and then stir in 1 cup of chopped peaches.

Place in greased or paper lined muffin pans and bake at 350F or about 20  minutes.


They should be lightly golden on top and a toothpick inserted into a muffin comes out clean.


Cool for about 5 minutes in the pan and then turn out onto a wire rack to cool.


I also found another Peaches and Cream muffin recipe from the website that I like,, that has a streusel topping.  I am going to try that one later when I have more time.  It sounds moist and really good.