In My Kitchen September 2015

I cannot believe that September is here already, summer flew by in a blink.  I am not ready for it to be any where near over and I am certainly not ready for winter, it gets pretty harsh here.

We took a trip to Niagara Falls for a week and that was fun, though the drive was long.

Evie and I are in Newfoundland for a wedding until September 14th, she is a bridesmaid.  I will post more on that after the wedding.  In addition to the wedding preparations we will be picking blueberries and hopefully doing a little bit of baking with them.

Here is a little bit of what has been in our kitchen since our last IMK post.

We went to a Ukrainian festival where we had an excellent Pierogi lunch.  We bought some paczki filled with a prune puree and they were very fresh and delicious.  Evie stuffed herself on both the pierogi and packzi.

IMG_4313 IMG_4319

This Nordic Birch water is Evie’s new favourite drink, she loves it!


We made a pizza this is a favourite, we will have to post the dough recipe soon.

It is basically a Margherita with green olives.


We tried this Strawberry Basil and Jalapeño Lemonade, though it sounds weird it was actually really good


On our trip to Niagara we went to St. Jacob’s and stopped into a local bakery, Evie got a little peach pie.


at the market we got some jam made by Mennonite ladies.  There is a large population of Mennonites in the St. Jacob’s area.  The local hardware store has a separate parking section for the horse and buggies.


We also stopped into a British store where Evie found her favourite marmalade


Her dad got the ginger chocolate.  We also had Cadbury Flake bars that we devoured as soon as we got in the car.


I got these Empire biscuits and as you can see I couldn’t wait to take a picture


Evie also got these pickled onion Montser Munch.  They didn’t have any single bags, due to costs and problems with customs, only this large bag with 6 bags inside.  The shopkeeper was so nice he gave her this supply.  He told her to space them out, but now she would have some.


Some fresh Niagara peaches


wild blueberries from the farmer’s market


And our lovely friend Karam, who you may remember from way back in this post where she made mug brownies with Evie, just got back from a trip to Scotland and brought Evie back this cute tin of shortbread biscuits.  It is extra special because it has a highland cow on it, which Karam has taught her is actually called a “Heilan Coo”.  She says that ALOT!


As alway thank you to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly IMK posts, they are always fun.  Don’t forget if you want to participate you must post and let Celia know before the 10th.



I should call these cookies Newfoundland snowballs.


These are cookies that I grew up eating and Evie loves them now.  I haven’t met anyone that didn’t like them.  I made a batch recently and shared with a few people.  They are really easy, no bake and quick to make with few ingredients.


The coconut used is fine or medium desiccated unsweetened coconut.

Put the first 4 ingredients in a small saucepan and melt stirring to combine.

Into another bowl add the next 3 ingredients and mix to combine.

Add the melted butter mixture to the oat mixture and mix.  Let this cool, I usually put it in the fridge for about half an hour until it will hold shape when rolled into balls.

Roll into balls and then roll in coconut.  That is it!



These also freeze well and are good in the freezer for a few months.  Sometimes I freeze them and eat straight out of the freezer.

2000 Views!! – 2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.  We had 2000 views, that shocked me!  I certainly didn’t expect our little blog to have anywhere near that total!  Thanks everyone.  You can see more details below like our most popular recipes etc….

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Thank you to the people who followed, supported us and tried our recipes.  Thank you for all your likes and comments.

Hope you take a moment to check out our most popular recipes (delicious) and most frequent commenters (wonderful bloggers).

Our most popular was Wild Blueberry Cake with Brown Sugar Sauce made on our trip to Newfoundland.

Hope 2015 is a great year,


Lori and Evie

Click here to see the complete report.

A few pictures in Newfoundland

We are heading into the city for a few days before heading back home.  I am not sure I will have computer access so I am just going to post a few random pictures here that we took over the past week.


Lobster traps……mmmm Lobster!


A lock box found in a cave in this small town.  Located at the Wooden Boat Building Museum.


Old fashion Newfoundland kitchen.  See the gray thing on the stove door, that is a beach rock inside a knitted bag.  Back in the old days people heated beach rocks in the wood fired stove in the evening and then put them in their beds at night to warm it up and keep them warm, there was no heating and the stove heated as much of the house as it could.


Wash day.


Tea time.





Jellyfish, look at that clear water.


Evie with Amelia Earhart


Amelia Earhart memorial in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada


The Kyle, also in Harbour Grace, picture taken from the Amelia Earhart memorial


They drink/use a lot of carnation in Newfoundland.  This is actually an old barrel that is being used as a garbage can, painted to look a little nicer!


We are heading to St. John’s for a few days. 

Hiking D’Iberville Trail

This morning we got up early to get a small hike in before the rain came.  This area is in a small town in Newfoundland and the trail runs along the side of a large hill that spans between two communities. At the start of the trail is an old sod cellar, these were (some still are) used to keep vegetable over the winter. The trail follows some mysterious rock formations, which appears to be old rock walls and houses.  When these were found archaeologists visited but were unsure because they haven’t seen these type of formations and not sure why they are in this location and the “wall” is in a strange place and why would it be there.  They did find a distinct house formation.  There is also a lot of small pottery pieces in the ground around there which they dated from the 1700s.  We found some small pottery pieces just walking the main trail.  I think if this was excavated they would find a lot as they has been 300 years of erosion and overgrowth to hide what is actually there.  I think this was a small fishing village that was colonized as to what happened after that who knows.  There are also a lot of caves around there that have grown over, we saw a few.  It was always rumored, when my Dad was a kid, that Beothuk Indians used to live around in those hills on that point of land.  There was also talk of pirates and one particular one who this trail is named after.  If we were brave enough to go in one of those caves maybe we might have found pirate treasure…not brave enough.  There are also a lot of pretty brightly coloured mushrooms growing in the dark moist environment.  Dad said in the fall some of these are really nice pink and blue colours. We picked a few handfuls of blueberries along the way. We saw a big Loon just floating on the water, every few minutes it would stick its head underwater and then come back up.

trail sign IMG_7210

sod cellar IMG_7211

zen IMG_7223


lighthouse IMG_7216






Arrived in Newfoundland…a little late

We left on Tuesday afternoon to catch our flight, everything was going fine until we boarded the plane, then a power surge blew the computer and the navigational software was lost, over 2 hours later we took off, but missed our connecting flight.  We ended up landing in St. John’s at 4am.  Evie was a trooper slept on the plane then went back to bed at 4:30am and woke up ready to go at 8am.  After a small breakfast and a visit with her cousin we went to get her “Kitty Cat Pizza”, she  has been waiting almost 3 years to have this pizza again.  Raye and I had “East Coast Donairs”.  This isn’t our favourite place for donairs, but our old university haunts will be visited when we are back in the city.

We made it “around the bay” mid afternoon and then we has fresh cod and chips for supper.  My Mom’s batter recipe is below also.  After all of that eating we had to go for a walk and picked a few handfuls of blueberries.  The next day was going to be busy we had a local museum to visit, going jigging for cod, and supper at Nan’s.




fish dipped in flour before dredging in the batter.











Old time village

On Sunday we went to visit Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada (  Evie LOVES this place.  We have been here with her before, but this year she has been asking to go back before the winter was over.  We have been reading Little House on the Prairie together.  She is just learning to read so this is our bedtime reading, each night we read a chapter.  We are only on the third book in the series, but it has been fascinating for her to learn how they had to do and make everything themselves.  Upper Canada Village is the village as it was settled in the 1800s, it is very accurate as it is a World Heritage Site. She really liked the animals and gardens, seeing the girls in calico dresses just like Laura and Mary.



The lady in the picture was making toast to use to make vinegar.  She was a very nice lady on the tenant farm. Evie’s attention was completely captured in this little house.  The lady explained to her that she was making the toast to use in making her own vinegar to use for canning, it would take 6 weeks and she explained exactly what she was going to do.


She told us that she was using white sugar to make this vinegar normally she made molasses vinegar because white sugar was too expensive at 6cents a pound.  However, that ladies in the village told her that she could not win a prize for her preserves in the fall fair using molasses vinegar, so she was making this one.  I think that was Evie’s favourite part of the day.  Now she wants to make vinegar, but we are not doing that, maybe we will ferment something instead.

Then at the hotel and tavern her Dad bought her a sarsaparilla, it was really good.



The village also has a mill which mills the flour that is delivered to the bakery where they bake fresh bread daily, you can buy that in the gift store along with the cheese made from the cow’s milk.  It is both very good.

They also have a woollen factory showing in detail the old process for making yarn.  There is dirty sheep wool that has just been shorn, washed wool ready for use then the area where they spin, dye and win

d it into skeins.  This was a cool process to see since I am just starting a sweater for Evie with yarn that is in skeins and we are hand winding it into balls.


This afternoon we are leaving for two weeks in Newfoundland (  We have lots of adventures planned, there will be a lot of food.  Evie has planned cooking with her great-grandmother and a great-aunt.  There may be some fishing and berry picking.  Both my husband and I grew up on this island so there is alot of food that you can only get there that we cannot wait to eat.  I think I will probably put on about 10 lbs!