Bakewell Hearts & Happy Valentine’s Day


We don’t generally do much for Valentine’s Day, but for Evie it is a full out reason to make everything in the shape of hearts!  I found this recipe which is a shortbread cookie take on the traditional British bakewell tart. I thought it sounded interesting and unique and we decided to give it a try.  I did everything exactly as it is indicated in the recipe in the above link and they worked out perfectly, great with a cup of tea on a freezing cold weekend. Yesterday it felt like -42 °C, today it is a few degrees warmer.

I will definitely make these again with one minor change, next time I will chop the cherries a little smaller.


The dough smelled amazing  with a cherry and almond scent, Evie said it even smelled like Valentine’s Day.

We cut out a few other shapes as well just to have a little variety.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥