Fisherman’s Wharf

This is definitely a stop to make if you are in Victoria. 

We went solely to see if we could see any seals or otters swimming in the wild. We did! And went by everyday to see them, Evie loved it. 

The seals and otter are wild, but they are very smart because people get little fish pieces from the fish stand at the dock and throw to them, so they are use to people and very friendly.

This little usurper just came in and started stealing the fish heads that people were feeding the seals. 

They also have a very popular fish and chip place there and a floating ice cream shop! 


Getting to Victoria 

After a few days in Vancouver we are heading to Victoria. I love Victoria and this part of the trip is what I am really looking forward to. We took the bus to the ferry and then the ferry ride to Victoria. This was Evie’s first time on a travel bus and a ferry so there were a lot of questions about the whole process and she could not understand how the bus was going on the ferry. One we were on the ferry we went upstairs and got some food and then out to take in the beautiful view. We even saw a submarine that had surfaced! The trip from Vancouver to Victoria by bus and ferry is under 2 hours. Probably 30 mins to the ferry terminal, an hour ferry ride and then 20 mins into Victoria. The bus dropped us off downtown right behind our hotel, The Empress. 

All photos taken with iPhone 6s.