we picked wild blueberries and wild raspberries.

Evie tried the black berries and partridge berries (ligonberries), they are both pretty sour.

The sod cellar is where dad kept the winter vegetables, it was next to my great grandfather’s house, which is gone now. The water pump is where they got water back then.

Our friend Bucky, such a sweet horse.


We had a fire and made some smores, but it was so cold outside that the chocolate was too cold to melt!!


yesteday morning was cold so we lit a fire.


after breakfast a walk to the beach, just 1 minute away.


as you can see Evie was a little chilly.


It was about 11 degrees Celcius and windy. Over night it is supposed to go down to 2degrees Celcius.   I wasn’t prepared for it to be quite this cold, I didn’t even pack pants for me, just shorts and t-shirts. Luckily I threw a fleece into my suitcase.

A Medieval Day

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned we were off to a medieval festival?  I have finally got the pictures off the camera.

My favourite part was the medieval kitchen. Evie loved the glass bead making, it was very interesting.  The two men who were making the glass beads were very interactive and just great teachers explaining everything in great detail, they had her complete attention.

Here is a little peek into the day:

What is a medieval fair without the pickle vendor!


Evie LOVED the pickle




This is a medieval game that resembled chess.  Evie is in a chess club and was very interested in having this one explained to her.  That is the king in the middle and you have to surround a piece on two sides to take it.


Some knitting an sewing garments




The medieval kitchen, I loved this part!





IMG_3956 IMG_3964


Making a bowl



The glass bead making


IMG_3968 IMG_3967



Juggling fire


There was so much happening we couldn’t get it all in here, I took so many pictures.  There were birds of prey, knights jousting, fools being fools, blacksmithing, yarn and rope makers, even royalty.  We caught the medieval royalty eating poutine for lunch,  I laughed asking about medieval poutine…they said “when in Rome”! It was a lot of fun I loved seeing the way things were done before the age of machinery and well before a throw away society with disposable this and that and plastic everywhere.

2000 Views!! – 2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.  We had 2000 views, that shocked me!  I certainly didn’t expect our little blog to have anywhere near that total!  Thanks everyone.  You can see more details below like our most popular recipes etc….

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Thank you to the people who followed, supported us and tried our recipes.  Thank you for all your likes and comments.

Hope you take a moment to check out our most popular recipes (delicious) and most frequent commenters (wonderful bloggers).

Our most popular was Wild Blueberry Cake with Brown Sugar Sauce made on our trip to Newfoundland.

Hope 2015 is a great year,


Lori and Evie

Click here to see the complete report.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & Happy Blogiversary to us!

2013 is over, it seemed to go by really fast, but wasn’t a bad year.  I hope 2014 is a great year and thank you to all the people who have followed our first year. It was last year on January 2nd that I logged into WordPress for the first time.  It is our Blogiversary, and I will get to post something today!

Here are  a few random pictures of some of our adventures that we didn’t blog about.

We surprised Evie with a Thanksgiving weekend trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.  She loves it there.

Spent a little time with Umi the Fairmont Tremblant Ambassador, a lovely black Labrador.






We had cranberry pecan caramel truffle turkeys for thanksgiving  dessert, cute and yummy


This was her favourite meal the last time we were there, and she talked about it for an entire year.


IMG_7726 IMG_7725

Maple Taffy


oh my the candy, chocolate and caramel apples, ready for halloween


Having chocolate croissants every morning while in Mt. Tremblant, it is our Tremblant tradition.


We made granola-y oat bars that turned into another recipe with ice cream.  I have to fine tune it and will try to do that some post soon.


We made fiddleheads, but I got carried away and forgot to take the final pictures


Got a new friend, Lily, who gets man-handled regularly


Had an awesome high tea at the Royal York hotel in Toronto during March break.

We went to see Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Over the Rainbow” starring Danielle Wade as Dorothy.  Evie was a huge fan of the show (loved Danielle) and was in complete awe for almost 3 hours and didn’t want it to be over!


Ready for her own show


Learned to make origami green bin liners, was supposed to be our earth day post, didn’t happen, maybe this year!


Doubles as a hat in a pinch.

Evie also recently earned an orange belt in karate, I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet.  I can’t believe that we just bought sparring equipment!

I hope you all stay tuned in and have a wonderful safe happy and healthy 2014.


Love, Lori and Evie

A very proud girl and her dog

This morning we went to the annual Westie Fun Day.  That is an event we go to every fall to help raise money for a West Highland White Terrier rescue group.  This awesome group rescues these little white dogs who are abused, mistreated, sometimes from puppy mills (bad bad places) or sometimes families have to surrender there dogs to the group for various reasons. Westies in Need take those dogs and give them medical and emotional help when needed and find them foster homes and forever homes.  This event helps raise money to make this possible.

Max is our Westie and he has had a few issues, but he is our boy and we love him.  We have done a lot of work with him and he has come very far.   When Evie was born we were not sure what would happen.  We were very guarded and cautious.  He was unsure of her at first and kept a safe distance, but as she grew (she was taught from a very early age about dog safety) he learned to trust her and now he loves her and she loves him.  Now they just make eye contact and he rolls over for a belly rub.


Evie was very proud today because Max won a ribbon (third place) for best Westie in costume in the photo contest.


more Westies, see the bagpipers in the background, they pipe for the Westie walk. Nothing calms a Westie like bagpipes!


Max was a little bit subdued this year, normally he is running and barking at dogs and strangers, he really doesn’t like strangers.


a safe place by dad’s feet


and under a vendor table


He was a celebrity after all


that is him in the pink sparkly tiara


very proud


westie cupcakes


a special cupcake with a westie sitting on a pink and purple flower!


the winners circle official photo, good thing she wore her pearls and was ready for photos


Max is now sleeping on his bed (new buckwheat kernel stuffed bed…uber comfy), he is pooped after a busy morning.  It was a little stressful for him but he was really a good boy, he didn’t bark  at anyone and even let a few strangers pet him.  I think he was the oldest and slowest today.  Max’s favourite treats are baby carrots, bell peppers and blueberries and he is having a few this afternoon once he is done his nap!

The Geo-Centre and Bowring Park

Since Evie loves rocks we decided to take her to the Geo-Centre on Signal Hill.  Just out side are two nice statues of a Newfoundland Dog and a Labrador.  


There are a few different areas inside, but today we stayed with the rocks and saw the Titanic exhibit.  There are alot of artifacts in this exhibit and it was quite interesting to see these.


passenger summary


Third class menu, there is gruel on the menu, must have been popular


The distress call



there were alot of other artifacts too, soap, dishes and cutlery, a piece of the floor block from the engine room.  I took many pictures, too many to post.

Evie really enjoyed the rock exhibits, I will spare you a plethora of rock pictures.  We also took a walk through Bowring Park to see the swans and the beautiful statue of Peter Pan.






This is the end of our vacation. We will be back to posting recipes and getting ready for back to school.

Quidi Vidi Brewing

On our last day in St. John’s we visited Quidi Vidi Brewing.  


They give both brewery tours and tasting.  Our schedule only gave time for the tasting, which took about an hour.  Ray wanted to try the British IPA, he had already had an Iceberg the night before and it was really nice.  


You cannot get this beer off the island as they are at full capacity to supply the local market and do not export.

The tasting includes a talk about both history and the brewery and a generous tasting of 6 beers.  It was interesting and well worth the $15.


The iceberg beer is very pure, they get the iceberg water from iceberg alley on the Northern Penninsula of the island.  Apparently, the U.S. weather network has a reality show about the iceberg hunters who help get the water.  If the berg is to big they actually shoot it with a rifle to break off small bits that can be harvested for the water.

After the brewery I wanted a snack.  Well actually I was a little desperate for another treat that I cannot find off the island, Snack & Half ice cream.  These are so good.