Spring is finally here, it took forever, but I have one lonely tulip in the back garden and the rhubarb is up with two small leaves!  That is very exciting.

It has been extremely busy since my last IMK post, we had an 8th birthday party and first Communion along with a few other happenings.  Needless to say not too much in the kitchen this month just surviving!

Here is a little peek:


The annual funfetti cake for the party, you can get the recipe here, Sally has two cookbooks now!


Bags of cotton candy for the carnival birthday party.


After school surprises on her actual birthday.

A couple of deserts from the Italian bakery.

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In My Kitchen April 2016

I missed the IMK last month, I am not sure what happened it just kind of came and went and I didn’t get it done.  I have had no internet connection for days and I am going to post this one before it is too late. Hopefully I will finish and post before I lose the connection, forgive any typos!

Here is a little of what has been in our kitchen lately:


Rosemary garlic sourdough

Easter cake and cupcakes

Hot Cross Buns

Empty Tomb Rolls


Delicious Apricot Scones from Tara, these really were amazing!


a little lemon tart with teeny tiny macarons, Evie picked each one off for herself!

Evie has been sewing and needle felting and made me this little donut and the cutest little needle felted sheep


A science experiment, making a clock from and orange and lemon juice.


We found our toddler banana bread recipe, from when Evie was in daycare, recipe to follow soon.


Balsamic mushroom pasta, will share soon


And my fearless protector, who is always close by watching.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope you come back soon.  If you’d like to write an In My Kitchen post, please do so by the 10th April and send your link to Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef. Thanks for hosting Maureen!


February is here, getting closer to spring.  There has not been much going on in my kitchen since our last IMK.  I have been trying to source more local food, not just treats but some of the staples that we use alot, exploring, learning and finding some surprising results.

We are gathering at Maureen’s don’t forget she needs your post by the 10th!

Some organic raw rolled oats that are organically grown and rolled by a local farmer, at Castor River Farm.  He maintains and uses vintage farm equipment, how cool is that.


Sourdough loaf.  No I did not make it, it is from the farmers market.


Purple carrot cake!  The cake isn’t really purple but it is made with purple carrots and it was really good.


My favourite fresh bagels.


The orange macarons that we made


Apple Turnovers, recipe will follow as soon as I remember what I did!


and last but not least blurry breakfast peanut butter balls, we make these for breakfast and snacks every few weeks.  They are so good, but I have to be careful not to out-use the recipe.


I hope you stop by before, but if not, see you in March my friends!

In My Kitchen January 2016

The holidays are over and a new year is beginning.  I like this transition and like to spend it quietly.  There is also a transition in the IMK, now gathering at Maureen’s.  I just saw her bread pudding made from banana bread and it looks amazing!

Here is a little peek into my kitchen since our last IMK post.

Leftovers of candied pecans, though we keep adding then atop salads so they will be all gone soon.


Three wines from Newfoundland



Some new small Kilner jars for small amounts of things needing keeping


chocolate pretzel bites, cookie dough truffles and spritz cookies



Royal Canadian Rum Salami.  We just discovered this after my brother brought some over, it is very good.


This blend of whiskey and maple syrup is also very good, served just over ice.  We tried it first last year on a trip to Mont Tremblant and liked it, then found it at the LCBO just a few days ago.


I have a few things under the tree that haven’t made it to the kitchen yet.  I will save those for February.  Now I have to get that tree taken down and all of those decorations packed up. Ugh!


In My Kitchen November 2015

If you read my last post you will know that October flew by.  As always, thank you to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly IMK posts.  Don’t forget if you want to participate you must post and let Celia know before the 10th.

Since the last IMK post we have had Thanksgiving and Halloween which equals alot of food and eating = busy kitchen.  Here is a little peek into ours.

My friend went to Austria and brought back this original Sacher Torte from the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, look how beautifully it was packaged.

IMG_20151010_182917 IMG_20151010_183051 IMG_20151010_183109

IMG_5288 IMG_5285

She also brought me those Mozart chocolates and a chocolate and little cookie cutter set.  Those will come in handy for Christmas baking.




Some local Kombucha, it was quite good…mmm blueberry and very gingery

IMG_5602 (1)

Some pumpkin pie after thanksgiving



no bake peanut butter bars for snacks and breakfast


also had a few thanksgiving caramel apples


Made a big pan of flapjacks, from a fellow blogger, for school snacks.  All wrapped and ready for the lunchbox.


The next IMK post will be December!! Should be a lot of Christmas preparations happening then.

In My Kitchen October 2015

It is that time again already!  Time to meet up at Celia’s of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for the monthly IMK posts, they are always fun.  Don’t forget if you want to participate you must post and let Celia know before the 10th.

After traveling and school starting it has been a whirl wind since our last post.  We went apple picking and I have a huge bag of apples to use, but not much time for cooking lately.  I have a few posts to catch up on.

We got these delicious apple cider donuts, they were still warm from frying… good I can’t even tell you


This wasn’t in the kitchen, but we have a little homework helper, he is so cute!


Here are some of the other things in our kitchen since September’s post.

It was our anniversary so we had cake and flowers


My neighbor introduced me to this Pommies cider, it is very good and has become my favourite.  The Waupoos wasn’t too bad either, my husband preferred that one.


Some Sriracha popcorn, it was very hot, like fire.  Evie and I couldn’t eat it, but my husband ate the whole bag!IMG_5136

These corn on the cob from a can is something that I have only ever seen in Newfoundland and it is how we got corn when I was a kid.  I have to say it is disgusting, tasteless and starchy.  I got it for Evie to try and she took one bite and shivered, and quickly let me know she did not like it.

IMG_4873   IMG_4875

Pineapple crush, Evie tried it for the first time and loved it


some chocolate from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company


Lemon creams from our trip to Newfoundland


some more biscuits


This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada so it is a long weekend, WOOHOO!  Maybe I will catch up on some of the posts I have in draft.

In My Kitchen September 2015

I cannot believe that September is here already, summer flew by in a blink.  I am not ready for it to be any where near over and I am certainly not ready for winter, it gets pretty harsh here.

We took a trip to Niagara Falls for a week and that was fun, though the drive was long.

Evie and I are in Newfoundland for a wedding until September 14th, she is a bridesmaid.  I will post more on that after the wedding.  In addition to the wedding preparations we will be picking blueberries and hopefully doing a little bit of baking with them.

Here is a little bit of what has been in our kitchen since our last IMK post.

We went to a Ukrainian festival where we had an excellent Pierogi lunch.  We bought some paczki filled with a prune puree and they were very fresh and delicious.  Evie stuffed herself on both the pierogi and packzi.

IMG_4313 IMG_4319

This Nordic Birch water is Evie’s new favourite drink, she loves it!


We made a pizza this is a favourite, we will have to post the dough recipe soon.

It is basically a Margherita with green olives.


We tried this Strawberry Basil and Jalapeño Lemonade, though it sounds weird it was actually really good


On our trip to Niagara we went to St. Jacob’s and stopped into a local bakery, Evie got a little peach pie.


at the market we got some jam made by Mennonite ladies.  There is a large population of Mennonites in the St. Jacob’s area.  The local hardware store has a separate parking section for the horse and buggies.


We also stopped into a British store where Evie found her favourite marmalade


Her dad got the ginger chocolate.  We also had Cadbury Flake bars that we devoured as soon as we got in the car.


I got these Empire biscuits and as you can see I couldn’t wait to take a picture


Evie also got these pickled onion Montser Munch.  They didn’t have any single bags, due to costs and problems with customs, only this large bag with 6 bags inside.  The shopkeeper was so nice he gave her this supply.  He told her to space them out, but now she would have some.


Some fresh Niagara peaches


wild blueberries from the farmer’s market


And our lovely friend Karam, who you may remember from way back in this post where she made mug brownies with Evie, just got back from a trip to Scotland and brought Evie back this cute tin of shortbread biscuits.  It is extra special because it has a highland cow on it, which Karam has taught her is actually called a “Heilan Coo”.  She says that ALOT!


As alway thank you to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly IMK posts, they are always fun.  Don’t forget if you want to participate you must post and let Celia know before the 10th.

In My Kitchen August 2015

I cannot believe that it is August already, summer is almost done.  Actually, I hope summer lasts until Christmas, it took forever for it to get here.  I have been seeing everyone’s posts and there is a lot going on this month, everyone is busily harvesting their garden goodies which is very exciting.

Here is a little of what we have had in out kitchen since IMK last month:


Paddington Bear dummies, how cute are those?


These are Evie’s favorite


Some fresh light rye bread


A savory snack, I love sour cream and onion chips


and a sweet snack, ginger cookies


Local cherries



last of the local strawberries that we picked at a u-pick farm


made some freezer jam out of those


For September’s post we will be in Newfoundland for a wedding, so I am not sure if we will get an IMK post up for then.  Maybe we will have a post from our remote kitchen, I will see what I can do.

Thanks to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting as always, even in an absence she is still bringing us together.

In My Kitchen July 2015

June went by so fast and we haven’t really had any summer here yet.  I sure hope July has summer for us!

One of the best things about starting a new month is the IMK posts, thanks to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting and bringing everyone from all over the world into each others kitchens.


We had some bubble gum, fruit stand bubblegum…I remember having this when I was a kid

After a trip to Upper Canada Village we brought home some fresh bread and cheese made there. I still have to post about our trip to the Medieval Festival there.

IMG_4023 IMG_4025

We had a friend visit who brought us these treats all the way from Australia.  Evie LOVES Australian marshmallows, they are the best!  And these double coat TimTams are amazing, I rationed those.


Another friend stopped by with these chips.  They were intended for my husband but after Evie got past the heat of the first few she was hooked and ate more than her dad.


This little antique cup and saucer Evie bought at a yard sale for 50 cents


Beer, I tasted and wasn’t too impressed, I am a Guinness girl, but hubby drank it no problem


Dish soap in a pretty bottle that I will refill


a little terracotta pot for dips and stuff


Fresh picked strawberries, finally fresh local berries!


Rose honey, this is Evie’s and it is lovely


July 1st is Canada Day and every year we have red and white nachos (I forgot to rotate the picture)


My friend went to Kingston, Ontario and brought me back this cookbook because she knows that I like this restaurant and eat here whenever we go to Kingston.


Thanks again Celia for hosting and I will see you again in August!  Well I hope to see you before then, I am sure I will 🙂

In My Kitchen June 2015

I can’t believe it is June already and we are joining Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for the June edition of IMK.   I am still waiting for it to warm up here, the garden is slowly growing.  The rhubarb is great and we have a ton of mint back there.  I just made mint cookies, which I will be posting a little later this week, hopefully.  Today was a busy day, Evie had karate grading, she is now officially a blue belt, but she was exhausted tonight!

This book was in my kitchen in May and I am still reading and looking at the pictures. I have renewed it from the library and I think I may renew again, I still haven’t had time to bake anything from it.


Made a buttermilk pie and with the extra filling made some little buttermilk tarts.IMG_3518

Fresh cheese curds, so squeaky and just the right amount of saltiness, this brand is my favourite. We don’t make poutine with them we just eat them as they are, right out of the bag.


Fresh sheep’s milk yogurt, this was some serious yogurt


Truffle pate, tried it on baguette and I found it a little strong that way. I am going to toss it with some pasta and see how that turns out.


A lovely strawberry loaf, it was really good we ate it in two days.


We cut some of our rhubarb to make our strawberry rhubarb apple crisp (aka crumble) recipe.  It was sooooo good topped with vanilla ice cream.


This is Fang, the newest addition to our household.  He is a Venus Flytrap and he helps control the fruit fly and mosquito population around here.  Though it has been too cold lately, poor Fang is getting hungry.


We also have lily of the valley in the garden and I love it , just a few sprigs on the table and the room smells amazing.  IMG_3778

We also enjoyed this ice cold cream soda, along with a root beer too.


Now I am off to bed.  Tomorrow we are leaving bright and early to go to a medieval festival and having a picnic there for lunch.  Maybe we will find some medieval kitchen treats for my next post!