Guinness Beef Stew

I am trying to get ahead of the game for once and share a holiday recipe before said holiday, when it is most relevant. Here is one for St. Patrick’s Day.

In my normal fashion I didn’t write anything down. I just put the stew in the oven so I am typing before I forget

1lb stew beef



1 onion

2-3 stalks celery

Tomato paste

3 cups chicken broth

4 tbsp flour

3cloves garlic

Thyme & bay leaf

Season the beef pieces with a good sprinkling of salt and pepper. Add a few glugs of olive oil to a Dutch oven and brown all sides. 

Remove meat from pan and set aside.This is the good stuff, leave it in the pan, it is the flavour. 

Add 200g chopped meaty bacon ( I used a maple wood smoked).  Add chopped onion and minced garlic and cook until softened. 

Once softened sprinkle with 3-4 tbsp flour and stir around to coat everything and add 1 can of Guinness.


When we are done with Guinness, the leftover foam always gets put into a small bowl for Max, he loves it! After he laps it down he runs off to his bed to roll around.

Back to the cooking.  

Add carrot and parsnip, celery, chicken stock and 4 tbsp tomato paste. Stir again to mix and dissolve the paste.

Add the meat back to the pot along with any accumulated juices

Add 2 bay leaves and a tsp of dried thyme.

I think I added about 1/2 tsp salt and a generous 1/8tsp pepper. Cover and cook in 325F oven for 2 1/2 hrs.

Taste and add salt and pepper if needed. Probably best to let people add their preferred amount at the table.

Serve with bread or crusty rolls for soaking up the gravy.



6 comments on “Guinness Beef Stew

  1. Holy moly, I am drooling over here. This one I am definitely trying. Thank you for sharing it before the 17th so I can go out and get the ingredients. P.S – Max is hilarious and I suspect he may be Irish. 🙂

  2. Great stew – and your dog! he is hilarious. I give beer to my pigs sometimes as a wee treat..

  3. albert says:

    I’m not one of those adults who “do not know how to feed themselves, even basic meals,” but cooking, that’s a different thing. Lucky Evie, to have lessons early on! Is she the photographer or the head chef on this one? Great photos! (I think I’ll try this recipe, but it seems like the shopping might be the hardest part. Our larder is pretty bare.)

  4. Moya says:

    I am sure Max had a little snooze after his roll around… 🙂 🙂 Love guinness stew too and sometime add a few prunes towards the last half hour of cooking. Your looks delicious.

  5. Deliposts says:

    I made these last night, and they were awesome! Thank you this recipe with us. May God Bless you.

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