I have been missing the IMK monthly link up, but I have found out through the blogging network that Lizzy from bizzylizzysgoodthings is now hosting the “In My Kitchen” monthly virtual meet up. Thank you so much Lizzy!

Today was Thanksgiving in Canada so I am writing this while being almost in a Turkey 🦃 coma!

In my October kitchen…

Fall themed cakelettes, made with spice cake

A few Russian chocolates that my husband picked up when passing a little Russian store.

Cranberry coffee cake

Some art made for me, you would think I liked coffee!

Fancy cocktail gummies, the pink gummy bears were the best, bubbly bears

Cheese crackers for lunchbox snacks

Delicious buttermilk pie
There was turkey dinner with pumpkin pie today as well but I didn’t get any pictures. Right now my slow cooker is going with some vegetables, herbs and the carcass, making bone broth for future soup.

Thank you again Lizzy for hosting IMK.


16 comments on “IN MY KITCHEN OCTOBER 2016

  1. Thank you Evie for the shout out… would you please add a link across to my blog at the top of your post please and then I’ll add you to the IMK list on my side bar. : )

    Great to have a peek into your kitchen. Love Milka chocolate.

  2. Apologies, is it Evie or Lori? : )

  3. Eric says:

    Everything look good. Would like to have some now.

  4. Mae says:

    Turkey stock in the slow cooker is a post-Thanksgiving tradition in our family too!

    best… mae at

  5. Love those cakelets! And jealous of your turkey coma. We won’t get nice fresh Turkeys to cook in Australia until Christmas. Good to have the IMK series back!

  6. SeattleDee says:

    The cakelets are adorable, and now of course I crave some cakelet pans of my own. SO many tasty treats in your kitchen this month!

  7. Francesca says:

    Those cakelettes look amazing, beautiful moulds.

  8. Kim Bultman says:

    Lori, I can practically smell your turkey stock simmering. (Hope the coma didn’t last too long!) Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Your baked goods and confections are tempting the sweeter side o’ me, but your lunchbox cheese crackers take the cake! 🙂

  9. Sherry m says:

    You have some fun things in your kitchen. I like the look of the pie and the cakelets. I remember our friends cooking a massive turkey for thanksgiving when we visited one time. It was too big for the oven so they did it in the kettle BBQ!

  10. fergie51 says:

    Cakelets, wow! That coffee cake looks so inviting too. Got some great things going on here.

  11. I am so going to make myself some cocktail gummies – what a great idea 🙂

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