A Few stops around Vancouver

The Art Gallery, Evie loves this room and we have multiple pictures of her in it. That screen in the background is a film of Picasso painting on a window.

Went to the beach 
This art installation (at the seawall)was really cool. The wind would blow the sails and it made the heron’s wing go up and downthe totem poles in Stanley ParkHow cute is this creperie, I love it!The Olympic cauldron from Vancover 2010 Olympic Games

Granville island is a must stop for any trip to Vancouver

reading after a trip to a bookstoreTo an old diner for supper (Moderne Burger) Cherry Lime Soda

An Eiffel Tower made of macarons!

We are leaving Vancouver and going to Victoria to spend a week. I love Victoria and am looking forward to the next part of the trip.


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