Fairy Garden

Evie wanted a little fairy garden for a long time, then she saw some pictures on pinterest, then our neighbor put some old pots out on the curb.  That was it, she became relentless, it had to be done.  Off we went to the garden centre for a few little plants and now we have this little garden sitting in our herb bed amongst the mint.

It was very basic to make and you can find endless instructions on the internet, but really you don’t need instruction to pour some dirt in a pot (broken or unbroken), we upcycled.  Tuck in a few little low growing easy care plants into the soil and there you have it.  We have since added a little bottle cap seat so a fairy can sit and rest if she needs to.

7 comments on “Fairy Garden

  1. It is truly lovely!

  2. So sweet 💜💜💜

  3. Karen says:

    How cute…I know one young girl who is very happy now. 🙂

  4. theoldfatguy says:

    I love to see children cooking particularly when everything turned out so well.

    Some of my fondest memories are doing things with my parents and that was a long time ago!

    Kudos to Evie!

    The Old Fat Guy

  5. That is so cute – and so creative! You and Evie are quite a team!

  6. Intentergy says:

    Thank you for this idea. I have been planning to create a fairy garden with my kiddos. I even wrote about it. Please check out my story https://intentergy.com/2016/07/07/fairy-gardens/

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