Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Evie is reading a new book from the library called “Eggs Over Evie” by Alison Jackson and she loves it.  It is about a 13 year old girl named Evie who loves to cook and is taking cooking classes, there is some other drama and family situations that make it interesting as well, but every chapter starts with a recipe and a kitchen tip.  She loves this book so much she asked for her own copy, which we ordered online.  It has also fired up her need to cook by herself.  Last week she decided to make cookies, all by herself, we were only allowed to lift the hot pan out of the oven.   There were really really good and perfect in shape and done-ness.  I hope you try them because they are sooo good, crispy on the edges and soft and chewy in the middle.


IMG_6502Sporting a Blue Heron airbrushed tattoo! We were at science fun-fest and all of the little girls were getting butterfly tattoos, nope not Evie, she eyed that Blue Heron stencil and decision made.IMG_6508


This recipe comes from Winnie-the-Pooh’s Cookie Book.


Right now she is in the kitchen making a recipe from her book.  This time it is chocolate chip pecan cookies, and announcing that she does not need any help.  Tomorrow she is going to make us Mushroom Omelettes for breakfast!



6 comments on “Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

  1. Linda says:

    How adorable! 🙂

  2. A Hedgehog in the Kitchen says:

    I LOVE oatmeal raison cookies and this Winnie the Pooh cookbook is adorable! 🙂

  3. thesnowwoman says:

    You should try these, they are very good.

  4. Wow, she’s on fire! I’ll bet there’s no stopping her now. : )

  5. Mme.Emm(M) says:

    Evie, thanks for sharing your delicious cookies with me. They were m-m-bon! Merci beaucoup! Bon été! xx

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