February is here, getting closer to spring.  There has not been much going on in my kitchen since our last IMK.  I have been trying to source more local food, not just treats but some of the staples that we use alot, exploring, learning and finding some surprising results.

We are gathering at Maureen’s don’t forget she needs your post by the 10th!

Some organic raw rolled oats that are organically grown and rolled by a local farmer, at Castor River Farm.  He maintains and uses vintage farm equipment, how cool is that.


Sourdough loaf.  No I did not make it, it is from the farmers market.


Purple carrot cake!  The cake isn’t really purple but it is made with purple carrots and it was really good.


My favourite fresh bagels.


The orange macarons that we made


Apple Turnovers, recipe will follow as soon as I remember what I did!


and last but not least blurry breakfast peanut butter balls, we make these for breakfast and snacks every few weeks.  They are so good, but I have to be careful not to out-use the recipe.


I hope you stop by before, but if not, see you in March my friends!

9 comments on “IN MY KITCHEN FEBRUARY 2016

  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    I LOVE that you showed us a picture of turnovers and you have to remember what you did. That happens way too often for me. 🙂 This week I stuffed a winter squash with rice, butter, honey, chopped apricots, sultanas and chopped dried apples. It was wonderful. I cut it like a flower and it was beautiful. I just can’t remember how much of everything I used. 🙂 Like you, I’ll blog it when I remember.

    Your macarons are lovely and that purple carrot cake sounds very interesting. Thanks for being part of In My Kitchen!

  2. Jhuls says:

    Vintage farm equipment, eh? How cool! I love everything, but I’d take the bagels first. 😀

  3. Maggie says:

    I love the turnovers and isn’t it so frustrating trying to remember what you did for a recipe at times? I have one photo I keep coming back to on Instagram and staring at but I can’t remember what I did at all!

    The peanut butter balls look great! I’ve seen a few photos of these from different friends and you have reminded me I want to try them someday! Do you have your own recipe or do you follow a particular one? I love that you are sourcing things locally! One thing I want to do this year but haven’t been 100% successful so far is to only get teas/coffees in Irish cafes. The big aim of which is to avoid Starbucks at all cost! I hate how McDonaldised they are! Seriously, there is nearly one on every corner here! A huge change since when I last lived in Ireland only three years ago! Local produce or businesses need our support and I think your efforts are brilliant! The cake sounds really interesting – do purple carrots taste any different to regular carrots?

    • thesnowwoman says:

      The purple carrots are a heirloom variety they taste the same only different in colour. I will have to post the link to the recipe for the peanut butter breakfast balls next time I make them. They really delicious.

      • Maggie says:

        Oh, that would be great to have that recipe! hmmm I will have to look out for those carrots – it would be an interesting roasting them along with regular carrots and parsnips!

  4. i love the cup and saucer – so pretty and lovely macarons. beautiful bagels too. using local or at least ingredients from our own country is fabulous. we don’t need those food miles added do we?:))

  5. ooh my comment vanished! just saying how lovely is the cup and saucer, and the bagels and macarons!

  6. Gretchen says:

    How lovely you’ve been able to find local oats. Our farmer’s market has wonderful steel cut oats that I enjoy. We grow purple carrots, never used them in a cake though!

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