In My Kitchen January 2016

The holidays are over and a new year is beginning.  I like this transition and like to spend it quietly.  There is also a transition in the IMK, now gathering at Maureen’s.  I just saw her bread pudding made from banana bread and it looks amazing!

Here is a little peek into my kitchen since our last IMK post.

Leftovers of candied pecans, though we keep adding then atop salads so they will be all gone soon.


Three wines from Newfoundland



Some new small Kilner jars for small amounts of things needing keeping


chocolate pretzel bites, cookie dough truffles and spritz cookies



Royal Canadian Rum Salami.  We just discovered this after my brother brought some over, it is very good.


This blend of whiskey and maple syrup is also very good, served just over ice.  We tried it first last year on a trip to Mont Tremblant and liked it, then found it at the LCBO just a few days ago.


I have a few things under the tree that haven’t made it to the kitchen yet.  I will save those for February.  Now I have to get that tree taken down and all of those decorations packed up. Ugh!



15 comments on “In My Kitchen January 2016

  1. Those wines have such cool names!

  2. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    OMG as one who always buys wines with funny or interesting names, I’d buy all three of those wines and feel right at home. I’ve never heard of Canadian Whisky and Maple Syrup before but I’d be there with my hand up to try it. When my sister visited Australia last winter/summer she brought 4 bottles of her homemade maple syrup and talk about bringing back memories!

    Thanks so much for being a part of In My Kitchen!!

  3. Maggie says:

    All your cookies look amazing and are making me crave something sweet. I never heard of partridgeberry before so those wines sound really interesting. Does it have a similar taste to any other fruit?

  4. ladyredspecs says:

    Love the graphics on those wine labels, and the names. I hope they taste good too. I hate packing away the Christmas tree too, it always leaves such a hole in the livingroom

  5. Kim Bultman says:

    Lori, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying a quiet transition into 2016. December seemed a blur! Those Kilner jars are the cutest — so are your trays full of home-baked goodies. The Canadian whiskey with maple syrup is something I’d like to try. (Hopefully stirring a little real maple syrup into my hubby’s “Windsor” (Canadian blended whiskey) will do the trick until I can find some.) And those wines! Is a Partridge berry the same as a lingon berry? (I saw ‘lingonne’ on the label.) Any or all of the above would be a treat with that salami… Happy New Year!

  6. How fun to see all the things you’ve been up to (or are about to be up to, if the bottles of wine and whiskey are any indication!). I really like the sound of the maple syrup/whiskey – over ice cream sounds about perfect for it, with the second best application perhaps being coffee (like Irish Coffee, but in this case, Canadian Coffee.) And your cookies look AMAZING.I hope your January is lovely and restful, and that the rest of your new year is wonderful.

  7. ooh fab things in your kitchen. i love those wine bottle labels. so cute. and i would love a taste of that whiskey. i made irish cream for xmas which has alot of irish whiskey so you can’t go wrong there. what gorgeous little truffles and biscuits you have there.

  8. Bread pudding from banana bread – WHY have i never thought of that! c

  9. Gretchen says:

    I love those wines, such fun names and labels as the daughter of somebody who buys wine just to get the label off if it’s fun I would buy them in a heartbeat. The maple syrup whiskey also sounds quite interesting. Your holiday treats all look delicious.

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