A Medieval Day

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned we were off to a medieval festival?  I have finally got the pictures off the camera.

My favourite part was the medieval kitchen. Evie loved the glass bead making, it was very interesting.  The two men who were making the glass beads were very interactive and just great teachers explaining everything in great detail, they had her complete attention.

Here is a little peek into the day:

What is a medieval fair without the pickle vendor!


Evie LOVED the pickle




This is a medieval game that resembled chess.  Evie is in a chess club and was very interested in having this one explained to her.  That is the king in the middle and you have to surround a piece on two sides to take it.


Some knitting an sewing garments




The medieval kitchen, I loved this part!





IMG_3956 IMG_3964


Making a bowl



The glass bead making


IMG_3968 IMG_3967



Juggling fire


There was so much happening we couldn’t get it all in here, I took so many pictures.  There were birds of prey, knights jousting, fools being fools, blacksmithing, yarn and rope makers, even royalty.  We caught the medieval royalty eating poutine for lunch,  I laughed asking about medieval poutine…they said “when in Rome”! It was a lot of fun I loved seeing the way things were done before the age of machinery and well before a throw away society with disposable this and that and plastic everywhere.

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