In My Kitchen June 2015

I can’t believe it is June already and we are joining Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for the June edition of IMK.   I am still waiting for it to warm up here, the garden is slowly growing.  The rhubarb is great and we have a ton of mint back there.  I just made mint cookies, which I will be posting a little later this week, hopefully.  Today was a busy day, Evie had karate grading, she is now officially a blue belt, but she was exhausted tonight!

This book was in my kitchen in May and I am still reading and looking at the pictures. I have renewed it from the library and I think I may renew again, I still haven’t had time to bake anything from it.


Made a buttermilk pie and with the extra filling made some little buttermilk tarts.IMG_3518

Fresh cheese curds, so squeaky and just the right amount of saltiness, this brand is my favourite. We don’t make poutine with them we just eat them as they are, right out of the bag.


Fresh sheep’s milk yogurt, this was some serious yogurt


Truffle pate, tried it on baguette and I found it a little strong that way. I am going to toss it with some pasta and see how that turns out.


A lovely strawberry loaf, it was really good we ate it in two days.


We cut some of our rhubarb to make our strawberry rhubarb apple crisp (aka crumble) recipe.  It was sooooo good topped with vanilla ice cream.


This is Fang, the newest addition to our household.  He is a Venus Flytrap and he helps control the fruit fly and mosquito population around here.  Though it has been too cold lately, poor Fang is getting hungry.


We also have lily of the valley in the garden and I love it , just a few sprigs on the table and the room smells amazing.  IMG_3778

We also enjoyed this ice cold cream soda, along with a root beer too.


Now I am off to bed.  Tomorrow we are leaving bright and early to go to a medieval festival and having a picnic there for lunch.  Maybe we will find some medieval kitchen treats for my next post!


8 comments on “In My Kitchen June 2015

  1. Melissa says:

    Congrats Evie!!!!!
    Crumble recipe?

  2. Moya says:

    The yogurt made with sheep’s milk sound delicious… hoping to try make some goats milk yogurt. Your buttermilk pies look very tasty as does your strawberry loaf. Thank for the peek into your kitchen 🙂

  3. Maggie says:

    I’m liking Fang! What a great way to get rid of the fruit flies! I love pate but I have only really had brussel’s pate so I’d be interested in that truffle mushroom one! It looks delicious. Did you eat any with mustard? I love pate and mustard sandwiches.

  4. Kim Bultman says:

    Lori, cheese curds that “squeak” are soooo good! I love that you named your plant “Fang” and I can practically smell your lilies of the valley… ahhhh. Beautiful baked goods!!!

  5. What interesting and delicious things in your kitchen! Love Fang – our venus fly trap didn’t survive. They told us we were allowed to “feed” it, still not sure why. I think that truffle pate might be sublime with gnocchi! 🙂

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