Growing Crystals

Evie got this crystal growing kit in her stocking for Christmas.  I am usually skeptical about this sort of thing.  However, a work colleague told me about it after doing it and said that it worked really well and Evie may enjoy it.  I made a note and got one for Evie and my niece for Christmas.  We waited awhile to try it out and finally got around to getting it started.

I was really thinking I would be disappointed with it. I think my skepticism of such things started with Sea Monkeys! Remember those? I had dreams of a beautiful little world like the lost city of Atlantis that would be all mine.  I have to say that it was a rip off did not deliver.  I turned out to be a container of water with barely visible teeny tiny plankton like sea creatures.

I am happy to say that this particular crystal growing kit (3M brand) worked like a charm, it grew quite large and it very pretty.


these are the contents of the box


pick the colour of the crystal that you want to grow


Mix the seeding solution into water


stir until it is dissolved


add the appropriate amount of colouring for the colour of crystal that you want


this is the hard part, put the lid on and leave it undisturbed for at least 7 days.

Of course, we are not patient at all curious and had to investigate using a flashlight.

If you shine a flashlight through the jar you can see the crystal that is growing.  It was neat to watch the progress.


This was about day 7,


At the end of the process you carefully drain the solution, and gently rinse the crystal and place it back in the container for display ( I left it for a day with the lid off to make sure it was nice and dry).

Here is the finished crystal, as you can see it is a good size, and Evie was in complete awe and thought that it was totally amazing.  Of course this is only Evie and my opinions, we would do this again and it was worth the $10.  She has asked for another kit to try a different colour.  We will get another one to try in the summer, since crystal growing is affected by temperature I think it will be cool for her to compare her winter crystal to a summer crystal.

IMG_3147 IMG_3152 IMG_3153 IMG_3154

We were not paid to give this opinion, and were not compensated in any way for our opinion.


3 comments on “Growing Crystals

  1. backtowhatever says:

    I have the same box but never tried it 🙂 I probably should 🙂

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