HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & Happy Blogiversary to us!

2013 is over, it seemed to go by really fast, but wasn’t a bad year.  I hope 2014 is a great year and thank you to all the people who have followed our first year. It was last year on January 2nd that I logged into WordPress for the first time.  It is our Blogiversary, and I will get to post something today!

Here are  a few random pictures of some of our adventures that we didn’t blog about.

We surprised Evie with a Thanksgiving weekend trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.  She loves it there.

Spent a little time with Umi the Fairmont Tremblant Ambassador, a lovely black Labrador.






We had cranberry pecan caramel truffle turkeys for thanksgiving  dessert, cute and yummy


This was her favourite meal the last time we were there, and she talked about it for an entire year.


IMG_7726 IMG_7725

Maple Taffy


oh my the candy, chocolate and caramel apples, ready for halloween


Having chocolate croissants every morning while in Mt. Tremblant, it is our Tremblant tradition.


We made granola-y oat bars that turned into another recipe with ice cream.  I have to fine tune it and will try to do that some post soon.


We made fiddleheads, but I got carried away and forgot to take the final pictures


Got a new friend, Lily, who gets man-handled regularly


Had an awesome high tea at the Royal York hotel in Toronto during March break.

We went to see Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Over the Rainbow” starring Danielle Wade as Dorothy.  Evie was a huge fan of the show (loved Danielle) and was in complete awe for almost 3 hours and didn’t want it to be over!


Ready for her own show


Learned to make origami green bin liners, was supposed to be our earth day post, didn’t happen, maybe this year!


Doubles as a hat in a pinch.

Evie also recently earned an orange belt in karate, I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet.  I can’t believe that we just bought sparring equipment!

I hope you all stay tuned in and have a wonderful safe happy and healthy 2014.


Love, Lori and Evie


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