The Geo-Centre and Bowring Park

Since Evie loves rocks we decided to take her to the Geo-Centre on Signal Hill.  Just out side are two nice statues of a Newfoundland Dog and a Labrador.  


There are a few different areas inside, but today we stayed with the rocks and saw the Titanic exhibit.  There are alot of artifacts in this exhibit and it was quite interesting to see these.


passenger summary


Third class menu, there is gruel on the menu, must have been popular


The distress call



there were alot of other artifacts too, soap, dishes and cutlery, a piece of the floor block from the engine room.  I took many pictures, too many to post.

Evie really enjoyed the rock exhibits, I will spare you a plethora of rock pictures.  We also took a walk through Bowring Park to see the swans and the beautiful statue of Peter Pan.






This is the end of our vacation. We will be back to posting recipes and getting ready for back to school.


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