Quidi Vidi Brewing

On our last day in St. John’s we visited Quidi Vidi Brewing.  


They give both brewery tours and tasting.  Our schedule only gave time for the tasting, which took about an hour.  Ray wanted to try the British IPA, he had already had an Iceberg the night before and it was really nice.  


You cannot get this beer off the island as they are at full capacity to supply the local market and do not export.

The tasting includes a talk about both history and the brewery and a generous tasting of 6 beers.  It was interesting and well worth the $15.


The iceberg beer is very pure, they get the iceberg water from iceberg alley on the Northern Penninsula of the island.  Apparently, the U.S. weather network has a reality show about the iceberg hunters who help get the water.  If the berg is to big they actually shoot it with a rifle to break off small bits that can be harvested for the water.

After the brewery I wanted a snack.  Well actually I was a little desperate for another treat that I cannot find off the island, Snack & Half ice cream.  These are so good.




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