Strawberry Picking and Freezer Jam

After our visit to the Star Wars exhibit we stopped at a strawberry field to pick some strawberries. It was really warm and humid. The berries we really ripe and sweet, perfect.

We made this jam last year too, it is very quick, easy and it was really good and tastes like fresh summer strawberries.

We use McCormick’s freezer jam packet. I like this one because it uses a lot less sugar that traditional jam. The recipe is off the back of the package. In a nutshell, you wash, hull and cut the berries, mix with sugar and contents of packet and let sit, stir and put in jars. Place in the freezer and you are done. This year I tried the plastic freezer jam jars. I always prefer glass, but it makes me a little nervous putting little jam jars in the freezer.









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