Farmsitting Day 3

The hens only gave the one egg yesterday, and Evie checked frequently until I banned her from going near the hens.  I told her that she was stressing them out and they would not lay.  She later was explaining through the fence that they could not hold it or it would hurt their belly and was not good for their body.  This morning she was itching to get out to the henhouse.  There were 3 beautiful eggs waiting to be collected, it was very exciting!  The hen in the picture is Petal, named by Evie when she was just a little chick.  She is special and gets the most attention, not sure if petal likes that, but she does get extra treats. ImageImage


Today we did more fishing and birdwatching.  We saw the nests or the barn swifts that flutter about all day, they stayed very close to us while we were around their barn.  The gold finches were beautiful and Evie saw her first hummingbird, working around the apple blossoms.  Image


The hummingbird is sitting on the branch.

Only one more day and we have to go home, back to the city and work.  Evie is sad about leaving the animals, so am I we will miss them. 


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