Farmsitting Day 2

It was lovely waking up shortly after the sun came up to the sounds of birds, a lot of birds, singing and chirping.  It is much easier getting out of bed out in the country, or at least I find it that way.   Evie also woke up promptly to run to the hen house. 


There were no eggs in the nests but there was one in a corner under the roosts, where I could not fit, in she goes to retrieve it.  As you can tell by her face it was a little stinky and she wanted out fast.  But she got a very fresh egg for breakfast.



There was a little quiet time chatting with Lola and some fun time with Tosca.  These dogs are so sweet and they just love Evie.  They like to nudge, lick and snuggle her.  Tosca the grey one doesn’t even mind licking her hair, which we found funny because our dog is very careful not to get her hair in a lick. 



After breakfast and a dog walk we were off to the local farmers market to get some treats and local beef for supper.  We had tacos and they were yummy.  I don’t know if it was all of the country air and activity but Evie devoured her supper that night.  After the market it was down to the river for a little practice fishing and frog watching, we even saw a snake in the water!




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