For the Birds


We love birds and spend much time watching the birds in our garden and taking hikes to go bird watching.  Nothing attracts birds like a good meal.  I found this recipe for making bird feeders with gelatin and I have one with suet to try as well.  This worked very well and it is really very simple to make with children. I hope you will try it and hang them around your garden to feed the birds.

You will need:

1 cup of wild bird seed

1 packet of gelatine (I used Knox brand)

¼ cup water

Cookie cutters

Parchment or silicon mat

Straws (cut in small lengths)


Place some parchment on a cookie sheet and place cookie cutters of your choice on the parchment.

Put the gelatine in a small pot with the water.  Simmer stirring until the gelatine is dissolved.  Pour the warm gelatine into birdseed in a bowl and stir to combine.  Place seed mixture into the cookie cutters (it will be sticky).  Place a cut straw where you want the hole for hanging to be located.


Leave overnight to harden.

IMG_5844IMG_5854The next day take out the straw and slip off the cookie cutters.  Thread string through the hole and hang feeders outside for the birds to enjoy. The squirrels will most likely steal ours.